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About Me


My background

I am a Native of Colorado with deep family roots in Greeley.   Greeley has been my home for 46 years and five generations of my family live here today.   I was the owner of a commercial cleaning and floor refinishing business for 14 years and in 2001, I spear headed a grass roots effort  to support homeless families with children. That effort founded the non-profit agency, Room at the Inn, a 24-hour program that provided overnight housing, meals and emotional sustenance to meet the immediate needs of families in crisis.  Case management and mentoring programs helped them become successful, and I was the proud Executive Director of the agency for 10 years.   I am proudly serving Greeley as the current City Council At-Large Representative.


My top issues

I care about Greeley residents and having been a resident  for most of my life, I'm invested in our city and woven into the fabric of this community.  I am passionate in my support for local hard working families and the issues that directly affect them will take primary importance for me.  Greeley's census is growing quickly and our city leadership must be prepared to serve our population.  I want to create bridges between residents and leadership to work on the issues of:

  •  Attainable housing for residents
  • Continued problems of local homelessness
  • Edification of the local economy through the support of entrepreneurship, small business, and family-owned establishments.
  • Local spending first, for  all city tax revenue expenditures.


My involvement

One of the most honorable and uplifting personal experiences I have ever had was as a volunteer who hit the streets to gather our community, so that we could work in unison on a critical community issue. Room at the Inn was uniquely successful in bringing together people of varying beliefs and economic status to unify towards a common goal. Similarly, I work to bring a voice to the community, to invite the people of Greeley to participate in the direction of our cities future.  As your current Greeley City Council at-large Representative, I have kept my promises and  created  great accomplishments toward my goals, especially on affordable housing for our residents.  I pushed for  city sponsored housing cost relief which resulted in an adopted city  Strategic Housing Plan, and personally connected city staff to potential State funding and development sources for  future affordable housing projects in Greeley .   This has catapulted the process to support a  city response to relieve housing burdens for our community.  Yet, there is much more to do. I believe that another term in my seat will help me to finish the work that I have begun, and I am committed to seeing my goals to completion.  I view my position an opportunity to actively engage with our vision and I will continue to be  hands- on in my duty to support the success and quality of life for our residents.


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Stacy Suniga for Greeley City Council At-Large

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